Working Moms

An interesting perspective from a working mom …

Once a high-profile manager, Katharine Zaleski admits: “I didn’t realize how horrible I’d been – until I had a child of my own.” The stigma of having to be 100% at the office, at the job, at the late meetings is something she is now working to change. For years, Katharine would frown upon those working mothers. She would have no problem scheduling late meetings. In the male-dominated workplace, a woman has to play hard ball. Working moms weren’t something she valued.

She is now working to change all of that – now that she has a child of her own. She now understands the value of having a mother on her team. She understands the balance, the need for work and play. A woman’s career isn’t over because she is mom. Women can contribute positively within the work force while at the same time being a quality parent.

“Now I know who I am. I’m mother who can manage a large team from my home office or on a business trip, raise money, and build a culture for women to succeed. I’ve never been more productive, satisfied and excited about my future and my daughter’s. I wish I had recognized this years ago.”

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