Unique Assistance for Premature Infants/Preemies


Premature infants can present unique breastfeeding issues. Moms may be pumping for weeks and need a hospital grade breastpump to maintain their milk supply. Breastfeeding Support & Supplies has the Medela Symphony® double electric pump available to rent which most hospitals provide in the NICU.

Some premature infants have limited practice breastfeeding while in the hospital. Mothers are used to seeing how much breastmilk her baby has been getting from a bottle. When babies go home, it can be difficult to know if they are getting enough while nursing at the breast. Breastfeeding Support & Supplies rents the Medela® digital baby scale so moms can see to the tenth of an ounce how much her baby is getting at the breast by doing pre and post feeding weight checks. This can be very reassuring so a mom knows if she needs to supplement feedings at the breast with breastmilk in a bottle.

With medical advances in caring for premature infants, babies are leaving the hospital with lower weights than full term babies. It can be difficult to find clothing small enough to fit them. Most preemie clothing available in stores are too large for these babies so Breastfeeding Support & Supplies is providing micro preemie clothing available to purchase to meet the needs of these babies.