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happy baby

Diane was a god send for us when we needed help the most.  After seeing numerous other lactation consultants at the hospital who gave us the same advice without fully understanding our situation, Diane took the time to slowly and thoroughly consider every aspect of our breastfeeding in a very thoughtful and methodical way.  Within hours we had a vastly better understanding of what steps we could take and all of the options available to help increase milk supply.  Happily as of month four we are in great shape and give all of the credit to Diane for helping us get there!

– Chia & Adam

Diane showed me the correct way to have my baby girl latch. She was comforting and reassuring as I was unsure of what I was doing. After arriving home, my little girl wasn’t nursing very well at all. I felt discouraged and like a failure. Sleep deprived, I called Diane feeling like breast-feeding wasn’t for me. Diane was calm and comforting on the phone reassuring me that I can do it. After much practice and an additional breast shield I was feeding my baby with ease.

– Tiffany H.

Thank you for all of your help and advice! Now my little man is eating like a champ and getting chubbier by the day

– Gina M.

Thanks so much for your help with my daughter! She loves to eat and is now over 10 lbs! Also, just in the last week, she has been eating without the shield!

– A. Smith

I really enjoyed visiting with you! My daughter has already spent several hours in the new Moby Wrap and she loves it! Thanks so much!

– Kendra C.

I like the Milkies! It works great to collect that the leaked milk vs. wasting it!

– Sara C.

For me, breastfeeding was a tremendous part of mothering. In anticipation of my first baby I took a breastfeeding class, watched countless online tutorials and read up on how to achieve the “perfect latch.” Shortly after the birth of my son, my doula assisted me in latching him onto my breast and I thought it would be smooth sailing from that point on. Unfortunately, the first few days home were quickly becoming a challenge. Each time I tried an alternative hold in hopes of easing the discomfort from my c-section it resulted in my baby screaming with frustration as it was taking me too long to get comfortable. My son wanted to nurse what seemed like constantly and I was overcome with insecurities about whether I was producing enough milk. Latching him became truly painful. Whenever my baby slept I seized it as an opportunity to resort back to all my breastfeeding materials. I had such high hopes of coming home and nursing my little one into a blissful slumber but sadly I was discouraged, sleep deprived and felt like a complete failure. I told my husband that I needed individualized help and called Diane. Upon arriving at Diane’s we thoroughly discussed all of the challenges we were experiencing. I had spend endless hours educating myself on nursing yet learned more from Diane in a mere two hours. Diane showed me how to watch for hunger cues and assisted me in latching my son quickly with ease. Diane helped me achieve the best hold for my baby and I and noticed immediately that it resulted in both of being able to relax. Diane put my self doubt to rest when she explained that my baby was a comfort nurser and simply desired to be close to me. Nursing my son in the presence of Diane was unlike any at home and I was fearful of getting home and having the same difficulties. She reassured me that she was only a phone call away. It is often said to choose something you are passionate about to achieve success. Diane’s passion in her field achieves more than success. Her support opened the door for my baby and I to have an amazing bonding experience. I am overjoyed to be exclusively breastfeeding my now five month old son. Diane’s expertise results in happy and healthy mothers and babies. I will always recommend Diane to anyone with breastfeeding issues or questions. Thank you, Diane, from the bottom of our hearts.

– Caryn M.

Diane provided personalized attention tailored to each specific need using evidence-based information and expert guidance. I purchased a breast pump and was shown thoroughly how to use and clean the parts as well as storage of my breast milk. She also made it very easy to get fitted for a nursing bra. She was very encouraging on the whole process of entering into breastfeeding my baby successfully. Thank you for all the help.

– Melissa E.

Thanks so much for your help with my daughter! She loves to eat and is now over 10 lbs! Also, just in the last week, she has been eating without the shield!

– A. Smith