Keeping Baby Healthy

The big family gathering is nearly here and you are excited to show off that adorable new holiday outfit. You may start to worry, though, about hygiene and cold season with all the new family and friends handling the baby. Learn how to navigate the holidays with this month’s newsletter.

The holidays are an exciting, busy time of year especially when you have a new baby. Keep baby safe from germs and arrive prepared to any holiday gathering with the tips we have gathered below.

You love seeing friends and family over the holidays, but it can also be exhausting. It’s especially important to rest when you can and squeeze in those afternoon naps as often as possible. Your relatives look forward to seeing and holding baby, but take a few precautions before they get within arms reach. Make sure that anyone holding your baby washes their hands first. If soap and water aren’t handy, carry a hand sanitizer in your diaper bag and purse. Though we have become more aware of the spread of germs, we still carry a lot of them on our hands. Washing them is a simple way to prevent the spread of germs. If anyone has any cold or flu symptoms, DO NOT allow them to hold your baby. We, as healthy adults, can have a cold but we can also be carrying the RSV respiratory virus. If we pass these germs onto a young baby or a premature infant, they can become seriously ill and may need to be hospitalized. Some premature infants will qualify for Synagis, the RSV antiviral drug, but healthy, full term babies will not.

Breastfeeding is the best way to protect babies against illnesses, although not a 100% guarantee they won’t get sick. The holidays involve a lot of people getting together, sick or not. It’s a difficult thing to miss the family holidays, but you may consider staying home with your baby this year. You could also take turns with your spouse to attend holiday gatherings as it is one of the best ways to avoid your baby’s exposure to these germs.

If you choose to attend a family gathering, wearing your baby in a Moby Wrap or a SlingEZee is a good way to keep baby close to you. It also avoids having your baby passed around from person to person exposing them to more germs and potential illnesses. Moby Wraps and SlingEZee’s can be purchased at Breastfeeding Support and Supplies of Omaha. Do your best to limit baby’s exposure to illnesses during the cold and flu season. Long miserable nights with a sick baby are never fun for you or baby. A little preparation will go a long way to happy holiday season.

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