How to Choose a Nursing Bra

Bravado Bliss Nursing BraWith so many nursing bras out there, how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

Different types and styles of bras are for different uses. The bra you sleep in probably isn’t the same bra you wear to work or for nicer outfits. Most moms wear a bra at night for several months while baby has night time feedings and their breasts continue to fill up. It’s more comfortable to be well supported and to wear nursing pads while your breasts continue to leak overnight. Comfort is very important for a night time bra; one that won’t constrict the breast as it fills up. Constricting the breast could potentially cause a clogged duct or mastitis. For this reason, an underwire bra should never be worn at night.

Great options for a comfortable night time bra are the Sleep bra by Medela, which has minimal support, and the Body Silk Seamless by Bravado. The Body Silk has the versatility of being a very comfortable bra but also has a nice, smooth shape with foam inserts so it looks great under nice outfits as well. Another option by Bravado is their Original Nursing Bra. This bra can fit a B cup to a G cup. This one is also very comfortable but won’t be the bra you dress up in.

If you’re looking for a bra with a fitted cup, Medela’s Seamless bra also has a nice shape, is very supportive and yet comfortable enough to wear at night. Bravado offers an attractive, lacy bra called the Sublime bra, but in addition to a great look, it still gives you all the benefits of a nursing bra. Bravado’s Bliss bra has a molded cup which gives it a nice smooth look so it looks great under t-shirts and even your nicest outfits.

Nursing tanks are also a great, versatile option. It’s especially nice after you deliver to be able to bring the flap down from the top and not have to lift up your shirt to nurse keeping your tummy covered. They have a lot of stretch to accommodate those changing breast sizes after delivery. They are also comfortable enough to wear overnight. Bravado’s tanks have a fully lined bra and are very supportive. Medela’s have pretty lace trim at the top and bottom; Glamourmom’s are a simple, less expensive option. Tanks are nice to wear in warm weather or layer for chillier temps.

When you get your bras at Breastfeeding Support & Supplies, you get them professionally fitted by a Lactation Consultant along with getting breastfeeding questions answered in the process. No need to order them off the internet only to find they don’t fit and have to be bothered with sending them back. It’s recommended to avoid nursing bras with an underwire for at least the first month. Make sure to choose ones that have a lot of stretch to accommodate the changes breasts go through in the early stages of nursing.

For more details and pictures of all these bras, visit our main Nursing Bras and Tanks page. Call or contact me with any questions or to set up your personalized fitting today!