I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. Don’t forget about the little ones! With a little mixing and mashing, you can create a feast for your baby. For those babies 6 months and older, here are a few yummy recipes to get baby involved in your Thanksgiving celebration.

The Thanksgiving baby food ideas below will help baby have a fun time exploring foods and being with the family. Grab a cute bib and pull the high chair up to the table. Enjoy as baby feasts on new flavors and becomes part of your holiday tradition.

One Pot Feast
1/2 cup peeled and cubed winter squash
1/2 cup peeled and cubed white potato
1/2 cup peeled and cubed sweet potato

Combine all ingredients in a medium sized sauce pan. Add 2 cups of water. Bring to a gentle boil and then turn heat to low. Simmer on low for 20 minutes or until veggies may be easily pierced with a fork.

Transfer the cooked One Pot Thanksgiving Dinner to a large mixing bowl and mash or chop as needed.
Process in a Blender or Food Processor if needed for babies who do not like lumps and textures.

This will freeze nicely if pureed on Thanksgiving Day, you may also take a piece of cooked turkey and combine it with the veggies being served to create baby’s Thanksgiving Dinner.

Thanksgiving Baby Food for Babies Under 8 Months Old

Make sure you have checked for allergies before feeding new foods to baby. Always check temperature and consistency to ensure baby’s food is age appropriate.

Squishy Squashy Sweet Potatoes
Take a small scoop of that baked acorn or butternut squash and mash in some sweet potatoes.

Orange and White Potatoes
Take a small scoop of (pre-seasoned) white mashed potatoes and blend in some sweet potatoes.

Baby’s Apple Pie
If you will be offering your baby cereal at Thanksgiving, make him a Baby Apple Pie – mix some applesauce together with oatmeal or rice cereal.

Baby’s Sweet Potato Apple Pie
Mix in some sweet potatoes and applesauce with oatmeal or rice cereal.

Pumpkin Pie
Baby Pumpkin Pie is easy, simply blend pumpkin puree together with oatmeal or rice cereal.

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~ Article taken from WholesomeBabyFood.com