Advantages of Baby Wearing

inst-moby-newborn-6Author and physician Maria Blois wrote Babywearing after discovering the soothing peace of “wearing” her own babies. Her research for this book included reviewing over 80 carriers donated by the babywearing community.

The following information was excerpted/summarized from the book.

Seven great reasons for babywearing

Reason Number One: Carried babies cry less. Studies have shown that the more babies are held, the less they cry. The less they cry in the early months, the less they cry in the following year. Crying can permanently alter the nervous system by flooding the developing brain with stress hormones. This can lead to babies being overly sensitive to future trauma, and to post-traumatic stress and panic disorders in adulthood.

Reason Number Two: Carried babies are more calm and content. They have a more regular respiratory rate, heart rate, and steady internal body temperature. Regularly carrying baby helps baby to feel secure and content.

Reason Number Three: Carried babies sleep more peacefully. Keeping baby close helps baby organize his sleep and wake cycles. Naptimes are spent in constant motion. Night-times are dark with a loving parent nearby. This helps baby know the difference between daytime and nighttime.

Reason Number Four: Carried babies nurse better and gain weight better. Premature babies who are touched and held gain weight faster and are healthier. Full-term babies nurse more frequently when they are close to mom.

Reason Number Five: Carried babies have better digestion. The constant motion and frequent small feedings associated with carrying help promote good digestion. Babies who are carried spit up less. Babies with GERD benefit from being carried in an upright position after feeding.

Reason Number Six: Carried babies develop better. Carrying enhances motor skills by stimulating the vestibular system used for balance. Baby constantly readjusts as mom or dad moves around, using his muscles to hold his head up, kick his feet, and cling with his arms. Carried babies are less likely to have an asymmetrical head shape because the soft carriers keep the pressure off the backs of their heads. Babywearing is kind to the baby’s developing hip joints.

Reason Number Seven: Carried babies have a good vantage point to observe life. The movement helps baby feel he is part of the activities going on around him. When we carry babies, we interact with them more readily. Frequent eye contact and speaking to baby helps promote greater visual alertness and language development.

So, what’s in it for parents (and grandparents)?

Babywearing is good for the caregiver. It frees your hands and lets you get on with your life. It gives you freedom to go out confidently, knowing that baby has a place where she will be content. Constantly carrying a child makes you physically stronger and allows you to take long walks while including baby. Working on the computer – no problem if you’ve got baby in a sling. Dusting, sweeping, washing dishes – baby is right there with you, enjoying the movement!

A soft carrier feels familiar to baby no matter who is wearing her. Dads, grandparents, and other caregivers can get involved by using a baby carrier. Babies reap the benefits of being held close no matter who is carrying them.

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