New Take on Skin to Skin After Giving Birth

A cesarean may now be able to be more like a birth than an operation. The concept is to put newborns immediately on the mother’s chest for skin-to-skin contact. This new take on skin to skin after giving birth has been used around the globe, but isn’t normal practice here in the States. It is procedure that more and more moms can utilize to make the process seem more like a birth than surgery.

From a recent article: “Changes like this can make a big difference,” says Dr. William Camann, the director of obstetric anesthesiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and one of the pioneers of the procedure in the U.S. At Brigham and Women’s, their version of the family-centered cesarean is called the gentle cesarean. Moms who opt for it can view the birth through a clear plastic drape, and immediate skin-to-skin contact follows.

Hopefully doing skin to skin after a c-section in Omaha is becoming common practice. Several moms have mentioned they have been able to do this after birth.

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