Breastfeeding Study

According to the Wall Street Journal, infant formula in the US is a $5 billion market, and spending on advertising climbed 70% from 2009 to 2013.

An excerpt from a new article summarizes the backlash of a recent breastfeeding study that found breastfed babies generally have higher IQs than those were not.

Rather than minimize breastfeeding, we need to direct our attention to the obstacles that prevent women from achieving their own breastfeeding goals. Our problem is not the evidence that breastfeeding is different from formula feeding. Our problem, as noted in the fabulous book, “Beyond Health, Beyond Choice,” is that “too little serious attention is given to addressing the many social, economic, and political factors that combine to limit women’s real choice to breastfeed beyond a few days or weeks. The result: women’s, infants’, and public health interests are undermined.”

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